Monday, November 11, 2013

The essence of photography is to witness

Enrico Bossan
Editorial director at Colors Magazine

Your photography is primarily a witness, why?
Because I think that the essence of photography is to witness. It may be about a place, a happening, an idea. But what it is all about is to document.

Why the subject on which you are focused on health care?
It has to do with a tragical event in my life: the death of my father in 1996. This event made me think about healthcare and since then I have been dedicating a lot of my visual research to this subject.  

How the relationship between journalism and image has changed in recent years?
I think it actually has not changed. What has changed instead are medias: the digitalization of traditional medias and the coming up of exclusively digital medias have contributed to deeply change the relation between journalism and photography.

The report is in crisis or is just changing skin?
The fact is that there have never been so many reportages as in these last years. But if you talk about the chances to have a reportage sold, you are right, reportage is going through a critical period. The reasons for this lie not in the quality of the works, which is in most cases very good. But the new market is very demanding and in the media landscape I can see no one capable of accepting the challenge of this new market.

How much of your experience as a photographer, is when you organize exhibitions of other authors or in direction the staff of Colors Magazine?
You’re talking about two different things. Being myself a photographer helps me for sure when organizing exhibitions for other photographers. It makes me able of better understanding them and to welcome their requests, whenever this is possible.