Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fundraising: you can’t be convincing when you’re not, yourself, a philanthropist

Croisine Martin-Roland,
Development Manager
Chargée du mécénat
Fonds de dotation du Louvre

What is your job at Louvre?
I am  Development Manager at the Louvre Endowment Fund.
The Louvre Endowment Fund is a great innovative tool that aims to secure the museum’s long-term funding and to preserve its universal heritage for future generations.
Besides working closely with our current patrons, my mission is to develop new philanthropic partnerships and engage more philanthropists in supporting the Louvre and its long-term projects.

Tell me something about your training and your influences.
I have to admit that private funding for the arts was so new in Europe that I decided to fly to the United-States to learn the most professional fundraising techniques !
I graduated from NYU and gained experience in the field working for the Guggenheim Museum and Brooklyn Academy of Music. My “American” background has been extremely helpful when I moved back to France.

What are your guiding principles in your work?
To be a good fundraiser, I need to be passionate about the cause. Raising money can be stressful and nerve-wracking and I truly believe that one needs to know why he fights for.
I am also convinced that you can’t be convincing when you’re not, yourself, a philanthropist. I am not necessarily talking about giving money, but about giving time and experience. I recently joined the board of a healthcare nonprofit organization to help them build their fundraising strategy (

What are your favorite artists?
I am ashamed to admit my favorite artist is not at the Louvre… it’s Vassily Kandisky. I can lose myself in his paintings for hours.
Talking about “classics”, I am moved by paintings from John Sargent Singer, Fragonard, Raphael, and Leonardo da Vinci (although I like the Virgin and Child with St. Anne better than Mona Lisa) !

How do you measure success in your work?
I feel successful when I am able to motivate my teams to work hard on a project ; and when potential patrons understand why it is so crucial to support and secure the future of the Louvre… and get involved !

Art by Croisine Martin-Roland + Salvatore Dimaggio

Art by Croisine Martin-Roland + Salvatore Dimaggio